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Pleased to meet you!


Martijn Bekking

Organizational psychologist

Martijn is a Corporate innovation professional, and rightfully so. He’s curious and has dedicated himself for 8 years to innovation at ING. He collaborated with small and large organizations and learned from the most valuable startups. Jokingly, we used to say in the early days of Grow a Pair: Reinout comes with great ideas, Martijn makes sure that they are realized. A razor-sharp combination.


Reinout de Kraker

Service Designer

After a study in Delft (Delft University of Technology), Swiss job and New York internship, he designed and executed an innovative service at Achmea health insurer. 200 overweight people lost > 10 kilos (22 lbs). The service was viable through the healthcare consumption being reduced as a result of the weight loss. He started a foundation that allowed refugees to stay with families in the Netherlands. Unexpected quote? Bad and even criminal behavior is due to poorly designed services. There's work to be done!



Wonderwoman with Batman capabilities

World Improver? Knowitall? Specialist in something we don't even know yet? Wizard? Left winger? Developer? Entrepreneur? Something with innovation, but not yet clear what? Please send us a message!