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to start today

Fast validation by prototyping:


We strip the complex world to the point you can start your new idea tomorrow.


Our experiments require few resources and provide you lessons quintessential for success.


This way we grow good intentions into serious impact.

Innovation Manager & Product Owner @SVB

"Grow a pair heeft ons ontzettend geholpen met het realiseren van concrete resultaten voor ons innovatielab bij de Sociale Verzekeringsbank. Hun manier van denken, maar vooral de manier van doen heeft ons laten zien dat het altijd nog sneller kan en beter kan. Het is knap hoe ze hypotheses snel kunnen toetsen door te experimenteren en klanten te betrekken, waardoor ze op meerdere trajecten een belangrijke bijdrage hebben geleverd. Een enorme eye-opener om de theorie over versnellen in de praktijk te zien worden gebracht! "

Ivo Broeren

Nicolas Serre

Nicolas Serre

Head of Digital & Innovation at ING Bank France

"Reinout helped us take a complicated business question and designed an experiment that provides direct and valuable data on how to decide. When option A and B don't work, he will come up with option C, D and E. Plus he's fun to work with!"

Daan Weddepohl

CEO Peerby


"A lot of enterprises invest a enormous amounts of resources in projects of which it is doubtful whether they will return on that investment. GrowAPair will provide potent insights on this future, fast."

Daan Weddepohl
  • Get powerful answers fast.

  • Actionable, reliable and based on actions, not intentions.

  • Get personal coaching for you and your team.

  • Learn to design and test prototypes.

  • From 1 day to ongoing innovation support.

  • Learning by doing

1) Have your concept validated

2) Validate concepts yourself

Tim van Dijk


If you don't like something,change it.

​If you can't change it, change your attitude.

Don't complain.

- Maya Angelou

Implement new onboarding process or not?

Your business relies heavily on the sales of this, your most valuable product. Competition is fierce.

This new onboarding process will take quite some resources and risks, but might be faster, cheaper and opens new development options.

Go / No go?

Nicolas Serre

Joris Walsweer

Marketing expert

Smart perspective innovator with a Bachelor in Marketing and experience within several startups and corporates.


Are you the best entrepreneur ever, but still searching for the right partner, idea or energy? Or a student searching for the most awesome assignment possible? Reach out!

Martijn Bekking 


Master of Organizational Psychology. Product Owner of the ING Startup Squad, facilitating the startup ecosystem (startups, investors and corporates) in Holland.

Reinout de Kraker 


Service Designer with a proven record in innovation, both in business and non profit.

Nicolas Serre
Nicolas Serre

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What is stopping you from improving the life of others, and making yours much more exciting?

Please tell us, and we will get things in motion!

Just don't do it

If you don't invest, nothing is lost, right? Tell that to Kodak, your taxi driver with a $100K permit or any 90's record label. Or the V&D. Or Chrystler. 


Or the 59 year old colleague who regrets not having pursued his passion for his golden idea to create his own model agency for pet fish.


You get only one life. Live it

Not convinced?

Fair enough. But please, take 60 seconds of your time to tell us why not.

We are always eager to learn.

Will you really?


In a year you will have wished you started today. Give us a call and we will get you started, at almost no risk. Why wait?

Do you have a plan, but don't feel like contacting us? Let's have a look together at your alternatives:

Our favorite, and next best thing to going with us. But most likely you have more than one dream or idea to pursue. And more than one way to do so.


You can save yourself a lot of resources and frustration by aiming on the most promising route a.s.a.p. We can light the way.

Use a survey

This means asking for intentions.

While people answer they prefer A over B, in reality they might end up ignoring your offer until you come up with C


Launching A might turn out to be a costly mistake. We find your real target audience and measure the real act of purchase. 

Just do it!


Expert meetings

Get your A-team of managers around a cetered lunch. Picture men in suits getting more bald and less bold every year.


Apart from the direct costs of their wage, aren't you only increasing fake-confidence by echoing each other’s assumptions?

Just do it, later